Perception dimension

What type of information does the learner preferentially perceive: sensory (sights, sounds, physical sensations) or intuitive (memories, thoughts, insights)?

Sensing learners tend to be concrete, practical, methodical and oriented toward facts and hands-on procedures.

  • Number of examples viewed
  • Total time spent on viewing examples
  • Number of visits to problems
  • Total time spent on problems
  • Number of times the learner navigated to the previous unit in a sequence
  • Number of seek previous in videos
  • Number of visits to the answers to problems
  • Total time spent reading the answers to problems

Intuitive learners are more comfortable with abstractions, and are oriented toward theories and underlying meaning.

  • Number of concrete ressources shown
  • Number of sequences visited
  • Total time spent viewing sequences
  • Total time spent reading forum posts
  • Number of forum postings
  • Number of visits to outlines