Processing dimension

how does the learner prefer to process information: actively (through engagement in physical activity or discussion) or reflectively (through introspection)?

Active learners prefer to learn by doing something with information, and prefer to work in groups, as this allows them to discuss the information they have received, Therefore, instructors can encourage active learners to form groups and discuss the presented concepts.

  • Number of pauses of videos
  • Number of visits to problems
  • Total time spent on problems
  • Number of assignment problems submitted
  • Average # of assignment problems submitted
  • Number of forum postings

Reflective learners prefer to work individually because it allows them to think and reflect about the received information. Hence, instructors can give such students a fewminutes to think about the presented concepts before trying to engage with them and make sure that they fully absorbed the material.

  • Number of visits to the answers to problems
  • Total time spent reading the answers to problems
  • Average time spent reading the answers to problems
  • Number of visits to outlines
  • Number of views of posts in forum